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  • Persia $80.00

    Emerald green thobe with monogram on chest. Made in soft, medium thick fabric, this jubba is simply majestic. alqamees thawbs come in over 54 sizes and can also be custom tailored to your size.

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  • Sand $75.00

    Classic beige colored jubba for men, the sand thobe combines beauty and exclusivity in itself. This qamis is available in over 54 standard sizes and can also be custom tailored to your size.

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  • Navy Maze $85.00

    This thobe is a perfect choice for all occasions. The Navy Maze Thawb is made in premium quality fabric. The single color navy jubba is sure to turn a few heads whenever you wear it ! Comes in standard size and can also be custom tailored.

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  • Onyx $85.00
    You will have to see this White Jubba for men to truly capture its beauty and the fine art that this thobe contains. You cannot be wrong with this as your wardrobe selection. It will come in handy on those regular days and some sunny days.

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