• Dahn Al Oudh Cambodi AED415AED700

    Dahn Al Oudh Madeh, a subtle blend of Indian and Cambodi Oudh brings about a fragrance entrenched in rich heritage, an ode to an era and its vibrancy. Designed with young men and women in mind, the fragrance targets the traditional yet modern individuals who love to wrap themselves in the serenity of Oudh. .

  • Dahn Al Oudh Hindi AED595AED1,171

    Dahn Al Oudhs are the pure oils distilled from the wood of the Agarwood trees. They are so precious, that a gram of the purest Dahn Al Oudh oil may cost more than a gram of Gold.

  • Lucky Oudh AED215AED420

    Alluring, fascinating, unfamiliar; this is a fragrance that blends mystery with rarity beyond compare.

  • Mukhallat Bulgari AED161AED215


  • Misk Al Emirate AED164AED325

    A whiff of passion, a feel of romance; this fragrance enhances sophistication like no other. Available in 1 Tola (approx 12 ml e) ethnic chic bottles, these essences bear Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Misk Al Khaleej AED276AED474

    Dignified with a delectable mix of ingredients, to pamper you with elegance. Available in 1 Tola (approx 12 ml e) ethnic chic bottles, these essences bear Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Royal Patchouli AED164AED325

    Royal Patchouli is a perfume oil with a floral top note, woody heart note and musky base note. It is a rich, warm, earthy scent that is perfect for all occasions.

  • Mukhallat Fazza AED325AED569


  • Miss Universe AED135AED175

    This is an aristocratic fragrance, which is as mysterious as it is delightfully inviting. Availabe in 24 gram ethnic chic bottles, these essences bear Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Infinity AED66AED135

    Sensuous and warm, a perfume oil that envelops you with reassurance. available in 2 Tola (approx. 24 ml e) ethnic chic bottle, these essences bear Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Cool Moon AED66AED135

    Cool Moon is pure and sophisticated perfume oil, catering to the contemporary tastes of men and women who are energetic and enthusiastic. Available in 2 tola (approximately 24 millilitres) in an elegant bottle, and bears Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Adorn AED80AED131

    Adorn perfume oil is a fragrance that envelops you with reassurance. With it’s fresh top note, floral heart note and woody base note, it’s the perfect scent to wear on a day where you want to feel like you can conquer anything.

  • Musk Rose AED135AED175

    Musk Rose is refined and sophisticated perfume oil and it caters to the contemporary tastes of energetic and spirited young men & women. Available in (approx. 24 ml e) ethnic chic bottles, these essences bear Ajmal’s hallmark.

  • Sweet Oudh AED91AED164

    Sweet Oudh perfume oil is an energetic and spirited and crafted for the young men and women of today. Perfume oils has softer ingredients that smell different and more natural on your skin. It develops very quickly on the skin and moisturize the skin. It possess the boon of longevity, because the actual perfume elements and extracts.

  • Musk Silk AED135AED175

    Explore the exquisite Musk Silk perfume oil with Musky notes that are in harmony with the heart notes of lavendar and cedarwood. The base notes include sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver and caramel to create this signature addition to the Musk family.

AJMAL Perfumes is a leading fragrances brand in the UAE and middle east with presence since 1951.

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