We use DHL as our shipping partner with Time-Definite Express Worldwide delivery service.

Shipping to UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Middle East & South-East Asia

Order above
£100 – $150 – €150
Order below
£100 – $150 – €150
9-15 Working Days
£9.99 – $19.99
3-6 Working Days
£19.99 – $29.99
£24.99 – $29.99

See below for list of all countries included in shipping Zone A

Shipping to the Rest of the World

Order above $150
Order below $150
9-15 Working Days
3-6 Working Days

See below for list of all countries included in shipping Zone B

Shipping Policy

  1. Please note that delivery days are calculated form the day following the day you placed order.

    • If you place order on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, then delivery would be guaranteed by end of Friday (4 Working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) with express shipping. If you place order on Tuesday then delivery will be made on Monday (4 Working Days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday) with express shipping. Weekends, Statutory / Public / bank holidays, are not included in working days.

  1. While, we take care of most of the payments involved in the delivery process, but we cannot guarantee any additional fees. You may be charged customs, duties, VAT on your goods by your countries’ custom / border agency. Please contact your border agency or local authorities to determine the laws of the country. It is your responsibility to clear the goods from customs / border agency by providing all required documents and paying all the duties.

  2. Special Orders are not covered by stated delivery time frames. They are considered exceptional and require additional time to manufacture and deliver. Please consult us and confirm the delivery times prior to placing your special order.

  3. If your order has any issues, such as incorrect measurements, order notes/requests that require additional explanation, incorrect shipping address, payments issues, or any such issue that require your response, we will email you within 48 hours of receiving your order. In this case your order may not get delivered on the promised time frames and we cannot be held accountable for the delay and no refund claim can be entertained for such delays.

  4. Remote Area Zone (RAZ)- Some areas are considered remote zones by the courier companies as these areas are located far from the urban centers.  There are additional charges to courier companies for delivering to these areas. if your area is in a remote area zone, you will be charged additional amount upon checkout and additional time may be required to deliver items to you. Hence delivery times frames are not guaranteed for Remote Area Zones.


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Andorra (AD)

Laos (LA)

Australia (AU)

Latvia (LV)

Austria (AT)

Lebanon (LB)

Bahrain (BH)

Liechtenstein (LI)

Bangladesh (BD)

Lithuania (LT)

Belgium (BE)

Luxembourg (LU)

Bhutan (BT)

Malaysia (MY)

Brazil (BR)

Malta (MT)

Brunei (BN)

Monaco (MC)

Bulgaria (BG)

Myanmar (MM)

Cambodia (KH)

Nepal (NP)

Canada (CA)

Netherlands, The (NL)

Canary Islands, The (IC)

New Zealand (NZ)

China (CN)

Norway (NO)

Cyprus (CY)

Oman (OM)

Czech Rep., The (CZ)

Pakistan (PK)

Denmark (DK)

Philippines, The (PH)

Egypt (EG)

Poland (PL)

Estonia (EE)

Portugal (PT)

Finland (FI)

Qatar (QA)

France (FR)

Romania (RO)

Germany (DE)

Saudi Arabia (SA)

Gibraltar (GI)

Singapore (SG)

Greece (GR)

Slovakia (SK)

Guernsey (GG)

Slovenia (SI)

Hong Kong (HK)

South Africa (ZA)

Hungary (HU)

Spain (ES)

Iceland (IS)

Sri Lanka (LK)

India (IN)

Sweden (SE)

Indonesia (ID)

Switzerland (CH)

Ireland, Rep. Of (IE)

Taiwan (TW)

Italy (IT)

Thailand (TH)

Japan (JP)

Turkey (TR)

Jersey (JE)

Ukraine (UA)

Jordan (JO)

United Kingdom (GB)

Korea,  D.P.R Of (KP)


Korea, Rep. Of (KR)

Vatican City (VA)

Kuwait (KW)

Vietnam (VN)

Zone A


Afghanistan (AF)

Georgia (GE)

Palau (PW)

Albania (AL)

Ghana (GH)

Panama (PA)

Algeria (DZ)

Greenland (GL)

Papua New Guinea (PG)

American Samoa (AS)

Grenada (GD)

Paraguay (PY)

Angola (AO)

Guadeloupe (GP)

Peru (PE)

Anguilla (AI)

Guam (GU)

Puerto Rico (PR)

Antigua (AG)

Guatemala (GT)

Reunion, Island Of (RE)

Argentina (AR)

Guinea Rep. (GN)

Russian Federation (RU)

Armenia (AM)

Guinea-Bissau (GW)

Rwanda (RW)

Aruba (AW)

Guinea-Equatorial (GQ)

Saint Helena (SH)

Azerbaijan (AZ)

Guyana (British) (GY)

Samoa (WS)

Bahamas (BS)

Haiti (HT)

San Marino (SM)

Barbados (BB)

Honduras (HN)

Sao Tome And Principe (ST)

Belarus (BY)

Iran (IR)

Senegal (SN)

Belize (BZ)

Iraq (IQ)

Serbia, Rep. Of (RS)

Benin (BJ)

Jamaica (JM)

Seychelles (SC)

Bermuda (BM)

Kazakhstan (KZ)

Sierra Leone (SL)

Bolivia (BO)

Kenya (KE)

Solomon Islands (SB)

Bonaire (XB)

Kiribati (KI)

Somalia (SO)

Bosnia & Herzegovina(BA)

Kosovo (KV)

Somaliland, Rep Of (XS)

Botswana (BW)

Kyrgyzstan (KG)

South Sudan (SS)

Burkina Faso (BF)

Lesotho (LS)

St. Barthelemy (XY)

Burundi (BI)

Liberia (LR)

St. Eustatius (XE)

Cameroon (CM)

Libya (LY)

St. Kitts (KN)

Cape Verde (CV)

Macau (MO)

St. Lucia (LC)

Cayman Islands (KY)

Madagascar (MG)

St. Maarten (XM)

Central African Rep(CF)

Malawi (MW)

St. Vincent (VC)

Chad (TD)

Maldives (MV)

Sudan (SD)

Chile (CL)

Mali (ML)

Suriname (SR)

Colombia (CO)

Mariana Islands (MP)

Swaziland (SZ)

Comoros (KM)

Marshall Islands (MH)

Syria (SY)

Congo (CG)

Martinique (MQ)

Tahiti (PF)

Congo, DPR (CD)

Mauritania (MR)

Tajikistan (TJ)

Cook Islands (CK)

Mauritius (MU)

Tanzania (TZ)

Costa Rica (CR)

Mayotte (YT)

Timor-Leste (TL)

Cote D Ivoire (CI)

Mexico (MX)

Togo (TG)

Croatia (HR)

Micronesia (FM)

Tonga (TO)

Cuba (CU)

Moldova, Rep. Of (MD)

Trinidad And Tobago (TT)

Curacao (XC)

Mongolia (MN)

Tunisia (TN)

Djibouti (DJ)

Montenegro, Rep Of (ME)

Turkmenistan (TM)

Dominica (DM)

Montserrat (MS)

Turks & Caicos (TC)

Dominican Rep. (DO)

Morocco (MA)

Tuvalu (TV)

Ecuador (EC)

Mozambique (MZ)

Uganda (UG)

El Salvador (SV)

Namibia (NA)

Uruguay (UY)

Eritrea (ER)

Nauru, Rep. Of (NR)

Uzbekistan (UZ)

Ethiopia (ET)

Nevis (XN)

Vanuatu (VU)

Falkland Islands (FK)

New Caledonia (NC)

Venezuela (VE)

Faroe Islands (FO)

Nicaragua (NI)

Virgin Islands-British (VG)

Fiji (FJ)

Niger (NE)

Virgin Islands-US (VI)

French Guyana (GF)

Nigeria (NG)

Yemen, Rep. Of (YE)

Gabon (GA)

Niue (NU)

Zambia (ZM)

Gambia (GM)

North Macedonia (MK)

Zimbabwe (ZW)

Zone B
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