alqamees is a Men’s Islamic Wear Brand.

Founded in 2013 by two young brothers, in Toronto, Canada. alqamees concept was established on the foundation of individuality,availability and convenience.  

alqamees used the state-of-the-art technology available at the time to develop a customizer tool which enabled customers the customization of qamees like never possible before, along with the ability to tailor it to personal body measurements. To this day, we pride ourselves with this exclusive proprietary feature further enhanced in 2020.

alqamees was the first to introduce this unique concept, has evolved itself and established as a leading Men’s Islamic Clothing / Fashion brand.

Here is what makes us unique.

1.     Proprietary Design Your Own (DYO) Qamees Tool

2.     Tailor Made to Personal Body Measurements.

alqamees 2020

We learned from our mistakes, failures and most importantly customer feedback – which we take to heart – and in 2020, alqamees re-set the brand and re-launched with a completely new website and a new management system. We re-structured and re-refreshed the entire ecosystem of our business. 

We at alqamees® strive to provide you with a complete Men’s Islamic (Eastern / Cultural) Wear Collection. Here, you can choose from a wide-ranging design from our collection’s galley, or you can go to our DYO Tool and become the designer yourself, and to top it all up, these can be purchased in standard sizes and alsomade to your body measurements.

And if you are real exclusivity, our special-order service can make anything that you would like, be it for your big day or a specialty of your desire, we have it all.

Our team of professional tailors are based in Dubai, UAE in a sweat-shop free factory, under a good working environment with protection of labour rights. With years of experience, our tailors have impeccable craftsmanship, and are committed to creating handmade superior quality qamees for you.


You Design, We Deliver

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