• Al Qurashi Blend 800 $57.99$100.99

    A captive blend with a mixture of aoud oil amber musk and warm aoud with the pure fruits fragrance it also includes rare herbs. An extraordinary blend that surpasses imaginations produced by ASQ.

  • Royal Hair Makhmariya $71.99$125.99

    A feminine hair perfume rich with musk, designed especially for your hair to make it the source of attraction and excitement.

  • Sana Blend $57.99$100.99

    A rich mixture started with Oakwood amber and wonderful vanilla and violet flower to end with mandarin and refreshing fruits realizing an attractive and reviving fragrant produced by ASQ.

  • Al Rashaqa $29.99$49.99

    A world of perfection is created by Fitness perfume; it combines sandal cedarwood musk and amber with jasmine lilly carnation and gardenia.a scent that makes you feel like a plume in perfumery sky produced by ASQ.

  • Grape Musk $38.99$62.99

    Keep your body warm and smelling like a spring day with “Grape Musk Blend”. The invigorating tropical scent of grape, pear and peach makes sure you’re never far from a relaxing beach day, on a tropical island surrounded by nature. while the pure plant extracts, and amber and musk aroma leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

  • Mandarin Musk $42.99$57.99

    a blend so unique it will take you to ancient woody and musky times yet will fill you with divine sweetness of citrus all at once, the scent is rich in vetiver mixed with fruity sweet oranges smell embedded in roses, taking you to vintage town with rays of sunlight.

  • Musk Al Khitam $42.99$85.99

    Elegance is always incomplete without an attractive perfume touch. Al Khitam Musk provide you this touch with its composition of musk amber agarwood sandalwood iris flower Lilly and jasmine. this blend must be tasted from all perfume lovers and high taste owners produced by ASQ.

  • Al Shamia $57.99$109.99

    This perfume was called “Al Shamiya” because of its scent that reminds of the authenticity of Al Sham land(Syria)…best types of roses and herbs (bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom…) are gathered with fresh fruits (mango, peach, caramel and coconut) in addition to sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli, produced by ASQ.

  • Al Hayat Blend $42.99$57.99

    Al Hayat Blend is inspired by the beauty and vitality of nature that reflects the true harmony of life. Full of herbs and flowers mixed with musk and vanilla. “Al Hayat Blend” is for both men and women who aspire an extraordinary life full of vigour, courage and inspiration.

  • Attractive Musk $100.99

    An attractive musky fragrance with a wonderful smell deriving from the sweet aroma of star anise and the fresh delicate scent of jasmine combined with the attractive bold musk of sandal wood. It attracts you by its aromatic ingredients. Has the ability to enhance and enrich your spirit by the most attractive meanings with its scent; the magical elements inside it are the power keys of influence for this blend.

  • Captivating Musk Oil $85.99

    A captivating scent of Musk that captures you with its unique charm. A fragrance mixed with various touches of Oud, Amber, roses and spices. Its scent dominates the throne of fragrances to surround you by a wonderful and astonishing smell. A fragrance adored by your brilliant personality.
    Quantity: 12ML

  • Body Musk $71.99

    One of the most beautiful, luxury and famous blends. This blend is the top selling in the ASQ branches, and that is because of its magical ingredients, white agarwood and sandalwood mixed with musk, jasmine flower, lily and violet. A unique sensation full with passion, produced by ASQ.
    Quantity: 6ML

  • Al Boukhour $42.99

    Quantity: 12ML

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi perfumes, where the masters of royal perfume offer their exquisite fragrances to the world. Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is one of the best perfume and oud companies in the world, known for its commitment to quality and luxury.

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