Experience the allure of Ahmed Al Maghribi perfumes. Indulge in captivating scents that embody elegance and sophistication, creating unforgettable moments.

  • Supreme $57.99

    The heart of the SUPREME Eau de Parfum is a classic: blooming Ecuadorian roses; which is brought together with the distinct fruity top notes from an assoArtment of exotic, sun-ripened & wild red fruits, along with fresh pears harvested from the coasts of south-western Europe, this unique blend is sure to lift your mood and induce nothing but just the perfect, rejuvenating start to your day – awakening a long-lasting aroma and confidence with nothing but a light touch. These notes are in its essence entwined with the woodsy base notes of Musk, that effortlessly layoff into the warmth and sweetness of untainted amber resins and are finally balanced out with the fresh, clean & crisp notes of White Musk that is nuanced flawlessly in this everyday wearable which in turn works well with any style and fits into any wardrobe.

    EDP 50 ML

  • Musk Roses $57.99

    The heady notes of musk wafting upwards through the fresh and sweet rose notes and tangy flavourful raspberry top notes is similar to the raw earthy smells of damp mud reaching you through the overlying bed of blooming flowers interspersed with juicy ripe berries. The white square bottle embodies the raw beauty of human touch and intimacy through its untouched notes of musk and rose, making this fragrance feel like a part of you.
    This expressive scent shall envelop every ripple of your being like slippery smooth silk and become one with your soul.
    EDP 50 ML

  • Rose Noir $48.99

    The rose shaped bottle depicts a soft creamy and silky texture that compels you to lose yourself in its whirlpool of caramel goodness. The warm cosy note of cashmere wood is beautifully laced with sweet vanilla and juicy and citrusy rose reminiscent of the sweet rustic smells in your woollen blanket on a stormy night in the woods. The salty note of ambergris and salt adds a sea-like freshness to the sweeter notes making the scent more natural.
    Experience the subtle but long-lasting effect of the swirling elegance of the vanilla-infused buttery floral scents of our Rose Noir perfume.
    EDP 75ml

  • Al Shaikha Hind $87.99

    Imbued with the true excellence of the oriental fragrances of the Arab Medieval era and clustered with the intensity of exotic Indian Oud, the Al Shaikha Hind is an explosive fusion of the richness of these two cultures. The juicy berry high notes infused with the serene jasmine heart notes and a heady agarwood base recreate the vision of a delicate flower blooming by a river amidst lush mountains.
    Experience the incredible emotions and depth of the rich cultures of Arabia and India with the unparalleled Al Shaikha Hind perfume.
    EDP 50 ML

  • Kalemah $77.99

    Kalemah is the perfect fragrance that compliments your inner beauty. EDP 75 ML

  • Oud & Roses $73.99

    The notes infuse sweet floral to a heavy musky fragrance from top to bottom while the hypnotic colour of this flask moves from pastel lavender to midnight black from bottom to top, exhibiting the mesmerizing beauty of opposites. The dynamic head note of Turkish rose sprinkled with tangy lemon and radiant peony is like a lush garden awakened in spring. This transitions to serene white flowers and musky agarwood, embodying the essence of a fragrant lily blooming on a damp moss-covered branch.
    The tantalizing blend of the sensational opposing forces of intense Oud and divine Roses shall tickle your senses.
    EDP 60ML

  • Oud Lavender $73.99

    The Oud Lavender manifests the most ethereal olfactory experience of the sweet playfulness of spring reflected in the quirky diamond shape of its vial.

    The rich and chirpy head notes of fruit and hyacinth are balanced by the more mature iris and pink pepper heart notes and finally beautifully fused together with the enveloping rawness of the base agarwood oil notes creating a powerful yet soothing scent.

    Feel the revitalizing cool mist of the ocean against your skin on a lazy beach with this bottle.
    Indulge your senses in the lazy luxury of our empowering Oud Lavender scent.

    Quantity: 75ML

  • Dehn Al Oud Maliki Qadeem $125.99

    AHMED PERFUMES’ Oud Oil has a remarkable aroma and radiates luxury wherever it is worn. Only the top grade oud is used to generate this unique scent. Like a finely crafted coat of armor, the scent of Dehn el Oud Maliki Qadeem evolves from woodsy to rich to golden to intense.
    Dehn Al-Oud hind is enriched with the goodness of ouds, which are grown only in the jungles of the Assam state of INDIA. It was aged for a greater duration of time to let the aromas develop before being poured. The sumptuous fragrance of Dehn al Oud is widely praised by perfume connoisseurs. It has been described as rich, earthy, and fragrant. The very precious treasure of pure.

    Due to the endemic nature of the Oudh tree in Cambodia, the country serves as the inspiration for the title. These luscious aromas will mesmerize your senses.
    This concentrated oil is extracted into a stunning golden vial that holds 3 ml of the liquid..

  • Dehn Al Oudh Mubakhar $40.99

    An oriental combination of Dahn Al Oud Hindi is used to generate concentrated oil, an extract of expensive oud chips from Assam, an Indian state, which are aged and mastered to maintain their peculiar woody, herbal, earthy, and clean fragrances. These aromas deliver the wearer a sensation of power, brilliance, and freshness, whereas the onlooker is charmed and astonished by the magnificent aura of this exotic perfume.

    The sumptuous, refined scent offers a novel take on lavish Oudh while still evoking the wonder and enchantment of oriental alchemy. Elegantly blending the refreshing delight of the Mediterranean with the rich Eastern fragrances, Prestige Oudh from Cambodia is a modern take on the traditional woodsy perfume.

    Dehn Al Oudh Mubakhar is filled with a quantity of 3ml concentrated oil, Emitting the most luxurios aromas.

  • Dnaa $29.99

    Dnaa inspires not only a motivation to value life, but perhaps a desire to ease up and cherish every moment. The concentrated-perfume was developed with the purpose of instilling a sense of calm and tranquillity.

    The overflow of tangy, delicious, red fruits, blended with a bunch of sweet, pink berries, exudes a notion of richness and a sense of revitalized vitality.

    At the midst, an invigorating breeze of raspberry is driven out, and at the same moment, red roses and nagarmotha overwhelm your sensations with the exquisite aromas of their bouquets.

    And in the loop, among the layers of musk, notes of sandalwood appear, with glooming rays of shiny ambers.
    Dnaa is a pleasant and comforting aroma that lingers in the air and wraps itself around your spirit, hypnotizing you into a state of serene contentment.

    This crsytaline vail is filled with concentrated oil, with a quantity of 15 ML.

  • Bidun Esam $29.99

    Beautifully decked up in jewels and a luxurious gown, BIDUN ESAM strolls lavishly through the chaos.The nature of the perfume is no less beautiful and solemn than the design. The enchanting fragrance displays its ambiguous character, combining natural beauty and animal instinct with elegance and sensuality. Bidun ESSAM fragrance oil from Ahmed Perfumes is a brilliant mixture that personifies the opulence of an antique Arab atmosphere.

    Exploding spicy and floral fireworks with red roses and velvety precious saffron notes, the perfume oil gives birth to novelty of feelings and emotions. In the heart of the perfume you experience your feelings are masterfully enhanced by notes of sensual blooming white flowers, as they bursting out with luscious aromas; swirling around you.

    An chic loop of golden ambers and musk gradually embraces you, elevating your senses with the serene and lavish aromas . In order to elevate the fragrance to the next degree, a tiny touch of cambodian oud is infused.

    This gorgeous vial, which is embellished with a stunning floral pattern and holds a volume of 12 ml of concentrated oil.

  • Raheeque $57.99

    Gratify your skin with each droplet of Raheeque, let its gentle and precious aromas reach your soul.
    The case is a stunning cylinder of ivory, laced with a scarlet ribbon. Dazzling design adorns the top, while Raheeque’s unique calligraphy graces the case’s base.

    An exquisite vial of beauty awaits you as you open the box. Translucent glass drapes the body, revealing a pool of thick oil underneath. The delicate pink flowers that blossom on the lid are embellished with beautiful pearls, emphasizing the excellent performance of the craftsmanship. This gorgeous container contains 12ml of concentrated oil.

    Red roses, the epitome of love and passion, enter the accords with their heady scent and a gentle rush of spicy warmth. Beautiful lilac irises lean forward to kiss red roses, emitting a buttery, powdery aroma that delights the perfume and conjures up sensations of magnificent tenderness.

    Cinnamyl and patchouli helds a celebration in the heart notes with their bursting sweet and balsamic aroma, while precious, leathery and soft threads of zaffron showers its blessing.

    Ancient, rich ouds and musk embrace tenderly, radiating a smoldering, comforting aroma, and thereafter the entire perfume is bestowed with the luxurious aroma of ambergris.

    Raheeque, a perfume that enchants you.

    12 ML

  • Nuha $29.99

    NUHA conjures the allure and intrigue of the desert in all its stark, unrestrained beauty.
    The perfume’s nostalgic accords lend it a charming aura.

  • Qoot $29.99

    The commencement of the Qoot journey has a zesty blast of citrus juices that swiftly revitalizes your demeanor. Seasoning the top notes with a strong flavors of black peppers, which adds a little savory to perfume, that leaves you awe struck.

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