Getting your qamees made to your custom measurements is unique feature of alqamees. It is what makes us different from all the other qamees brands out there. And so, with any qamees you order from our website, you have the option of getting it made to your custom size. With custom measurements, each qamees is made from scratch and made to fit your unique body and size.

Custom making a qamees in a complex process. However, alqamees and our team made up of expert individuals with decades of experience have narrowed getting custom qamees right to one thing: the more accurate measurements and details we have of you, the easier it gets. Therefore, with our years of experience and expertise in custom qamees, we have in 2020, revised the measurements and details required.

Measurements is the single most important aspect of qamees making and the accuracy of these measurements is what will eventually determine how well the qamees will fit once you receive it. Hence, it is crucial that due importance and care is given in obtaining accurate measurements.

As a customer of alqamees, you can choose to provide us with any of the two custom sizes we work with – Body Size and Qamees Size


With body size, you are asked to provide us with your accurate body measurements. As mentioned earlier, the accuracy of you body measurements will determine how well the qamees will fit. Errors in the measurements provided will lead to an ill fitting qamees.

Taking down your measurements may look difficult but its what our customers have been providing us since the inception of alqamees. With our easy to follow step by step guide with visuals available both as PDF and while creating the profile we are certain you can handle it.

To start things off, you should know that measuring yourself is not a one-man job. It is impossible for you to take down your own measurements and so get the help of a friend of family member. Open the guide from this link or follow the steps when creating your “Measurement Profile” under “My Account”

As you are following the guide and noting down your measurements, please be sure to note them down in the correct unit i.e. Inches or Centimeters. Also remember to keep yourself relaxed and not to add extra on to the measurements. We will be adding the extra room based on the fitting you select. 

The fitting option we offer on body sizes are as follows:



Recommended for those that want a more overall tapered fit.

The qamees is made slim but not super slim or tight.

If you are looking for that modern look, go for the slim fit as it sits closer to the body and has a narrower shape to it.

A margin of 6 inches / 15 cm is added to the chest and all other measurement are adjusted according to the chest and made keeping slim fitting in mind.



The Fit sits in between the ‘Loose’ and the ‘Slim’ fit, providing the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style.

The sleeves and upper body have some room but are not too wide. If you are looking for more of a classic look then this fit suits you best.

We would recommend first time buyers to go for Regular Fit.A margin of 7.5 inches / 19 cm is added to the chest and all other measurement are adjusted according to the chest and made keeping regular fitting in mind.



This fitting has more room than generally required.

Go for this option if you want to wear it a causal, very relaxed qamees and would favor comfort over fashion.

We would recommend this fitting for the elderly or people with larger belly and heavy chest.A margin of 10 inches / 25 cm is added to the chest and all other measurement are adjusted according to the chest and made keeping loose fitting in mind.

General Disclaimer

Please note that the margins are based mainly on chest with everything else adjusted by the experiences master cutters. Our standards of cutting should not be compared with other brands or with standard sizes. We cut and make qamees based on the way it has been done for decades in the hub of qamees, the Middle East. Therefore, individuals with personal preference or requests should be mention them in notes or as email when ordering. For the best results, accurate measurements need to be paired with the right fitting. Despite being the correct size, at times the qamees may differ for certain fabrics as thicker fabrics give more of a fitter feel and lighter more thinner fabrics may feel roomier.

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