Discover the mesmerizing world of Arabian Oudh, where captivating fragrances and unmatched craftsmanship converge. Our collection showcases a range of exquisite perfume oils that embody the opulence and richness of Middle Eastern perfumery.

  • Adore £120.25

    A new product from Arabic to Oud with an introduction of almonds, coffee, bergamot and lemon, based on keeping the rum, jasmine, Bulgarian rose and orange flower to concentrate on a base of musk, amber, pachole, tunica

    Quantity: 80ML

  • Arabella £155.25

    Arabella is a perfume that enhances your high self-confidence with an elegant soft formula Arabella is a perfume distinguished by its wonderful shape and captivating golden color, which symbolizes ambition and generosity Arabella is your renewed perfume for all occasions

  • Arabian Leather £200.50

    An elegant perfume bottle, its design is woven with the finest types of leather, so that the product is luxurious from the inside with its layers rich in unique ingredients, and from the outside with the elegance of the leather and its splendor, and the product box in its design resembles a business bag for people with high taste.

  • Arabian Special Musk £171.75

    Exclusivity and excellence is a feature that we have always been keen to translate in all our products, and Arabian Special Musk is a unique icon of the Arabian Oud that flows its scent in perfect harmony that reflects the originality, accuracy and passion in perfume industry.

  • Bella £121.75

    Perfume is characterized by an introduction of the smell of cranberries and strawberries, to mediate the rest of the flowers of jasmine and patchouli .. This elegant fragrance based on a base of vanilla, musk and amber to be unique.

  • Bride Musk £39.99£80.50

    You will appreciate the Bride Musk by Arabian Oud exquisite exhalations in this Tola. It gives you a long lasting smell to offer you that amazing scent to enjoy. The combination of luxury and tradition of an ancient Arab origin Stunning and amazing scent. Strong and aromatic scent for Religious and special occasions.

  • Kalemat £129.50

    It is a treasure to give as a present to commemorate beautiful memories. Kalemat by Arabian Oud is created from White musk and Honey leaves, we poured an odour touching dreamers thoughts to flow like poetry.

  • Kashmir Musk £125.75

    Top : Bergamot – Pink Pepper – Pear blossom
    Middle : Jasmine – Tuberose
    Base : Patchouli – Musk

    Quantity: 50ML

  • Madawi £205.25

    A Special fragrance inspired by the character of the contemporary , the pride of the ancient time including the aromatic bouquet of apple, peach, pineapple melted memories of last longing, with a base of roses and flowers, patchouli and musk, gives you the deep feeling of real satisfaction .

  • Mukhallat Nagham £159.99

    A special blend of the smell of beautiful roses and flower which give you a beautiful harmony with its amazing smell.Mukhallat Nagham by Arabian Oud in Tola embraces the luxury mix inside to give you the excellency you worth and confidence. Mukhallat Nagham was made by Amber, Mandarin Flower and Louts. It’s the combination of luxury and tradition of an ancient Arab origin with stunning strong, aromatic and amazing scent.

    Quantity: 12ML

  • Rose Collection £275.50

    Violet: This fragrance comes with an introduction of orange blossom, pear and grapefruit, Freeze a layer of black currants and a base of patchouli and musk Light Pink: Comes with an introduction of almonds, coffee and lemon, added to a layer of roses Bulgarian and Roman rum and then a base of flannel, cinnamon and cocoa Pink: Comes with an introduction of oranges, mandarin and pear, mediated by an orchid layer based on a base of toffee and bacholi

  • Royal Musk £17.99£35.25

    Discover the charming smells of Royal Musk by Arabian Oud. It is a unique fragrance that will make you love the scent of Musk. In 1/4 Tola The Arabian Oud company knew how to produce a magnificent aroma that is combined with old musk to Give you a special fragrant and smell to fly with it amazing scent.

  • Shalki Collection £317.50

    We renew the beautiful past with elegance (Shalki), which expresses the fashion icon of the time of the ancestors.
    Shalki Collection from Arabian oud in one collection contains :
    Shalki Pink: The fragrance is in the wooded pink color, which made a breakthrough in the women’s fashion world at the time, This color is considered the most popular, lustrous and attractive.
    Shalki Yellow: The fragrance is in the wooded yellow color, which is characterized by great vitality and this color is considered one of the most famous degrees, Shalki cloth
    Shalki Blue : The fragrance is in the wooded blue color, which is characterized by delicacy and beauty, and this color is considered common in many
    Shalki white: The fragrance is in the wooded white color, which is characterized by its beautiful radiance, and this color is considered to be the favorite of many of people

  • Signature £129.50

    Smooth notes of white pepper and fragrant cardamom on an authentic base of patchouli and warm oriental woods
    Your personality is a fingerprint … Reflecting what is inside you … Your style … Your presence. We have presented it to you in an attractive fragrance with a layer of orange blossom, cardamom. Blended with a fine blend of oud, sandalwood, based on rosewood with the aroma of incense. This blend adds elegance to you with this perfume, Signature 50ml By Arabian Oud.

    Quantity: 50ML

    The top of the fragrance
    white pepper
    Soft spicy aroma
    The heart of the fragrance
    The strong and fragrant aroma of cardamom spices
    A sweet, earthy scent, like green leaves on rainy soil

  • Special Musk £53.25£106.99

    You will appreciate the exquisite scents of a special musk from Arabian Oud. It gives you a long fragrance for an amazing aroma that you enjoy. A mixture of luxury and traditions of ancient Arab origin for an amazing and amazing scent. Strong and aromatic scent for religious and religious occasions.

  • Sultani £142.75

    Fresh notes of bergamot with a soft heart of iris mixed with the scent of sweet freesia flower with a precious and strong base of velvety musk, sandalwood and warm tonka bean
    A fragrance specially designed to be your daily choice with an elegant and refreshing bottle and scent

    Quantity: 50ML

    Top Fragrance
    A refreshing citrus scent like a mixture of lemon and mint
    Heart of the fragrance
    Iris flower
    A white flower with a delicate aroma and a refreshing feel
    Fragrance base
    The smell of velvet authenticity
    An oriental, classic woody scent

  • Woody £120.25

    A unique addition to the magnificent Woody Perfume collection that made tremendous success over the years with global awards. With great and special aromatic smell and modern composition of roses, jasmine, light incense, and Sandal wood fragrance,

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