know your qamees, thobe, jubba, dishdasha, emirati, omani, qatari, kuwaiti, moroccan, sudani
know your qamees, thobe, jubba, dishdasha, emirati, omani, qatari, kuwaiti, moroccan, sudani

From casual evening attire to occasional premium wear, qamees thobes – jubbas have made their way into all our wardrobes. The word “thobe” comes from the Arabic word “ thawb ” which means “garment.” Also, the word “jubba” is a variation of “thawb” which means a garment with long sleeves.

 Even though mens thobes have been around for centuries, at the present time they have become more popular because people want to wear clothes that represent their culture and religion.


Every middle eastern country has its own style of qamees that the locals wear – They even have their own terminology !












We have compiled for you here, every style the qamees thobe comes in. So if you are someone who wears thawbs regularly or occasionally or if you are looking to buy your first jubba, you know which style you need to pick !




The thobe is the most common category of the thobes and it’s simple, clean, and sharp–making it a perfect choice for any occasion. Firstly these thobes have a standard collar with placket buttoning and cuffs which can be changed to french or buttoned styles according to your preferences. Secondly, they have a 4-panel cut which provides a better fit. Additionally, if you want something more unique than the traditional white thobe, you can design a trendy qamees thobe with our Design Your Own feature.

saudi thobe white for men


These are classic no collar thobes popularised by the locals of U.A.E. Emiratis – where they call them “KANDURAS”. Made in lightweight breathable fabrics, kanduras are characterised by the intricate, neat 8 stitch pattern along the chest with matching embroidery on the sleeves. They also have a long loose tassel on the front called the “Tarboosh” which is made by hand. To finish the look, pair it with the igal and the plain white scarf – ghutra. The Yemeni Shemag scarfs are also a hit with the emirati kandura if you are going for a more casual look.


These are fairly easy to spot. The Omani qamis design is very similar to the Emirati style except it has a vibrant yet minimal embroidery pattern along the collar and front with a matching small tassel. Usually paired with a vibrant kufi or the traditional omani shemagh for a complete look.



Moroccan thobes are made with intricate embroidery, light fabric, and often are half sleeved. Usually referred to as jalabiyas / galabiyas, Moroccan thawbs come in vibrant colours. The Moroccan jalabiya is loose fitting and made from cotton or silk. The modern designs also feature a hood.



The Kuwaiti dishdasha is both simple and luxurious, which can be seen as a sign of respect in the society. All in all “single button collar” and “slim fit thobe made in premium high quality fabric” signify that it is accepted throughout Kuwait society.


Made in shiny fabrics, the Qatari thobes have a modern look similar to that of a business shirt. Stiff Shirt Collar, Wide Cuffs and Straight Fit design basically sum up what a qatari thawb looks like.


The fanciest of them all ! Bahraini thobes are designed with elaborate embroidery on the collar, chest, and sleeves. Thobes may not be readily available, so you will probably have to travel to Bahraini markets in order to find one.


This thobe is made with very generously cut cotton blend fabric – it is comfortable to wear all year round. This thawb features a large chest measurement, wide, loose sleeves without buttons – for ease of movement & added comfort.

sudani thobe jalabiya for men

The best way to get a feel for what a qamees is like is to try one on. Head over to our DESIGN YOUR OWN (DYO) platform and create a thobe that is truly unique and personal to you. With so many options available, you can create a custom qamis that is truly unique and custom tailored to your own personal style.

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