Discover the captivating blend of traditional elegance and modern style in our Emirati-Omani Collection. Explore a range of thobes and kanduras in beautiful shades, adorned with intricate embroidery.

Each garment is carefully crafted from high-quality fabrics for exceptional comfort and durability. Embrace the timeless allure of Emirati kanduras and Omani thobes, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Privilege $75.00

    Experience the Privilege of Elegance with our White Omani Thobe & Kandura. Adorned with intricate silver tadrees (embroidery).

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    alqamees thobe qamis jubba
    Emirati Kandura $39.95

    This Emirati Kandura Style is a traditional wear of the people of UAE. It looks very simple yet its fine art and detailed craftsmanship really make it standout. It’s simple, elegant and truly majestic. Read details below.

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  • Bronze $75.00
    Look your stylish best with this Brown Omani thobe for men , whilst keeping in simple. The classic Omani style Qamees made in Brown fabric and white contrast is an embodiment of simplicity and exclusivity.

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  • Admiral $85.00

    You cannot be wrong with this dark blue omani blue kandura as your wardrobe selection. It will come in handy on those special days. A simple, clean cut thobe that is surely going to last you a while.

  • Eden $85.00