Yes, we’ve built a completely new website from the bottom up. is now

  • Much easier to understand, more user friendly and clutter free.

  • Developed with the latest tech making it faster and smoother for customers to navigate.

  • Mobile friendly and optimized meaning ordering using your phone or tablet us just as easy as it is over laptop or PC.

Our outdated and complex measurement guide has been changed and updated.

Following the guides and taking down your measurements is easier and better than ever before. It’s a more step-by-step approach with much better pictures to help guide you in obtaining the more accurate measurements.

Unfortunately, since this is a whole new website, the data from the old could not be transferred. You will have to create a new account with us and enter new measurements following our latest measurements guide.

However, you can speak to one of our customer care agents and they can provide you with your old measurements to compare.

After listening to feedback from our customers, over the years we have realized that our standard sizes needed an overhaul.

We have put hundreds of hours into updating and improving our standard sizes. The new standard sizes are more fitted and come close to a more custom fit. And, with our latest feature, Quick Size, simply enter your height and weight and we will recommend you a standard size that we feel will fit you best.

The changes made to our standard sizes vary from minor to substantial.

Please do not order with the same standard size until you are not satisfied with the measurements of the standard size.

You can always speak to one of our agents and they will help you find your right size. You can also use our Quick Size feature to find your recommended standard size by simply entering your height and weight.


You can contact us through several means:

Our team members are there to answer all your queries with an aim to respond within 24 hours.

Emails are sent out every time we launch new designs or put up a sale. Just sign up on our website to start getting these emails. You can also make sure follow us on our Instagram and Facebook.


Each and every qamees is made by our professional and expert team of tailors and shipped out from our state-of-the-art, 2500 sq. ft. facility based in the heart of Middle East – Dubai, UAE.

All fabrics we use are sourced from Dubai’s Fabric Market, which is one of the largest markets in the Middle East.

The fabrics are all top of the line premium selections from Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Japan and many more.

For more details of the fabrics, click on the info button beside each fabric in the customizer.

Since we make everything from scratch, all qamees, whether from our collection or a custom design can be made on our custom measurements, qamees measurements or standard sizes.

The options are there for you to get your perfect qamees

The easiest way to go about this is to use our Design-your-own customizer to create a one-of-a-kind qamees.

With our easy and simple customizer to custom design your qamees with tens to specifications to choose from. Pick your chose of fabrics, placket, cuff, pockets, buttons and much more.

If you are looking to change one or our designs or have a design of your own, head to our Special Order page.

Each custom size requires more resources and lot more time and effort to make. 

To ensure that your qamees is a perfect fit, we have an expert team of tailors who pay attention to detail and make sure that the final product is made according to your measurements.


All order changes or cancellation requests must be made within the first 24 hours of placing the order.

Email us on with your order number and a member of our team with get back to you with the confirmation. Once the first 24 hours are past, we will not be able to accept any requests.

We request that you double check all your measurement and customization details before placing the order.

If there are any measurements or customization changes you would like to request, please do so with in the first 24 hours of placing the order.

Send us an email with your order number in the subject and all required changes to

A member of our Care Team will get back to our with the confirmation. Depending on the state of your order, changes requested after 24 hours of placing the order may or may not be made.

Depending on fabric availability, we may still be able to make one of our older designs for you.

Head to our Special Order page to know how you can get it.

Yes. At the moment, we offer limited designs of Shalwar Kameez in custom measurements.

Select the Shalwar kameez from our Ethnic line under Collection Tab.

Most of our qamees can be washed at home. However, since we offer a large variety of fabrics and contrasts, please follow the instructions meant for your fabric.

Yes. We can a range of kids standard sizes for you to choose from. You can also place an order by providing your kids custom measurements

Log into your account and go to your order history on the top right corner. You can order get an update by chatting with one of our agents. Just remember to keep your order number.

You can order our Swatch Booklet with up to 20 fabrics and a measuring tape from here. The amount paid for the Booklet will be returned in the form of a credit code which can be used to deduct the charge from your order.

Please note that only one Swatch Booklet credit code can be used per order.


A Coupon Code is a Percentage (i.e. 10%) off on the Total Purchase Price.

Coupon Codes are used for promotional offers and they have a time limit. A coupon code is also used during checkout. Coupon codes may also have a minimum purchase limit.

Only one coupon code can be used per order and they cannot be used in conjunction with a Credit Code

A Credit Code is a Code that has a certain value (i.e. £ 25 GBP, $ 75 USD, $ 55 CAD, € 95).

It has an expiry date and has to be redeemed during checkout. If your total Purchase Price exceeds the value on the Credit Code, then you will be required to pay the rest of the amount.

If the value of Credit Code is greater than the Purchase Price, then the rest of the amount is saved on the Credit Code and can be redeemed in the future.

Credit Codes cannot be used with coupon codes or during promotions.

You can send your family or friends alqamees e-gift cards of the value you choose. Head to our e-gift card page and follow the easy steps to order in the desired value.


The fastest you can get a qamees is in 4 – 7 business days and that is with express shipping. So if you require it any sooner, unfortunately, we will not be able to get the qamees to you.

You can request a change to your delivery address as long as the order is not shipped from our facility.

If the new address is in a location that does not fall under the same shipping category, you maybe asked to cover the additional shipping charges.

Sure, many customers place orders as a gift for someone they know, and we ship it directly to them.

Just make sure that you provide the correct address and contact details when placing the order.

Usually this part is done automatically on our end but to be sure, once you are done placing all our orders, just send us an email on with you order numbers and will make sure to combine them.

However, orders with different shipping addresses cannot be combined.

You can simply log in to your alqamees account and check the status of your order. Once shipped, you will also be receiving an email with the shipped details and tracking information.

If you provided the wrong address, you would need to contact the courier to have it re-routed to the correct address.

There may be additional courier charges that you will need to pay. If the order was shipped incorrectly due to alqamees providing the wrong address.

We will cover the costs of getting it shipped out to our correct address as express.

At times, courier companies hold on to your ship for one of several reasons:

  • The Address or phone number provided is incomplete or incorrect

  •  There is a customs charge on your order that needs to be paid

  • The name provided may be on their suspicious individuals list.

In any of these cases, you will have to contact the local office of the courier and provide necessary details to obtain timely delivery of your order. Alqamees is not responsible for delays in shipment cause due to any of the above reasons.

There is an exemption quota in most countries that allows some merchandise, depending on the value of the package, to be received free from taxes and duties. The exemption quota varies for each country.

For countries like United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, and UK, packages are received free of taxes and duties when the value does not exceed USD 200. For other countries, please check with your local customs office.


We accept payment via PayPal and all major credit card and debit cards. Such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, and Diners club.

All online payments are made through the extremely secure PayPal payment gateway to ensure all payments are safe, secure and privacy and confidentiality are not compromised.

If you like to pay via wire transfer such as Western Union, Moneygram, Xpressmoney please contact us and we can make the arrangements


Please see our return and refund policy for more details.

Unfortunately, No.

alqamees does not offer alteration services. If you received an order with incorrect measurements please contact us on

The refund will be processed and should show up on your statement within 14 days.

We do our best to ensure faulty products are not sent out by doing a thorough Quality Check on each and every qamees.

Despite that, if you have received a faulty thobe, please contact within 7 days of receiving the qamees.

Include your order number as well as pictures of the fault.


With alqamees Quick Size feature, it is easier than ever before to find you standard size.

Or  head to the standard sizes page to find your size.

All qamees, whether its from our collection or one that you have designed on your own, can be made on custom sizes, standard sizes as well as qamees sizes.

All you need to do is follow our simple measurement guide . You will, however, need a measuring tape and friend or family member to help you measure accurately.

Absolutely NOT!

The measurements of your body should be taken as explained in the guide.

No extra room should be added from your end. We will add the extra inches/cm based on the fitting option (Slim, Regular and Loose) you select.

Choosing the correct fittings is important. It is what will make your qamees end up fitting the way you want it to. 

  • Slim – 6 to 6.5 inches – This is not super or extra slim. It more fitted and tapered to your body than a regular

  • Regular 7.5 to 8 inches – This is a more relaxed fit. The qamees is still made to your body measurements but the it does not taper in as slim.

  • Loose – 9 to 10 inches – Its with more room than generally required. Only go for this option if you want to wear it a causal, very relaxed qamees. We would recommend this fitting for the elderly or people quite large size.

You do not have to re-enter your measurements as long as you are satisfied with the measurements of your previous qamees.

If not, remeasure yourself.

If you think you have lost or gained weight, we recommend you to at least re-check your measurements

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