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Amazing Customer Service

Great Tailored Jubbahs, would definitely recommend.

Muammed Yusuf Patel
28 Jan 2019
Quality Thobes

Received my thobes today. I am very happy and satisfied with the quality and finish of the thobes.

Suhel Khan
2 Feb 2020
Custom Tailoring

Honestly, such amazing service, quality fabrics and amazing tailoring. Definitely recommend if you want to order a high quality thobe for any occasion. I've got 2, I'm going for another soon in sha Allah.

Jubel Miah
2 July 2017

I was pleased with the delivery service, I ordered 3 thobes for Eid and I received them on time. I was guaranteed delivery before Eid. I appreciate the work that you guys are doing. Amazing Products, Great Service, Highly Recommended !

Abdul Rahman
29 April 2019
Perfect Fit

Best fitting thobes I've ever owned ! I ordered custom measurement thobes and saved my measurement profile. Good Quality thobes, delivered on time.

Ishaaq Docrat
13 May 2018

I used their DYO Feature and created a design for myself. I was surprised to see so many fabrics and styles to choose from. I got my order delivered today and I am very very satisfied with how my design turned out.

Mohammad Ayaan
21 July 2018
Good Service

Really fantastic service provided by this place and the two thobes that i bought were excellent and fitted me well. May Allah bless you !

Hamza Malik
2 May 2018
Exceptional Quality

I received my thobes today and wanted to say, I am very happy with the service provided and the quality and finish of the thobes.

5 September 2016
Perfect Thobes

I received the thobes jazak ' Allah Khairan, they are perfect. Quality is also nice, finish is nice, shoulders are PERFECT ! Many thanks to you, and your team.. May Allah reward you for all that you do.

Shireen P
25 August 2017
Unique Service

Just wanted to say that the initiative of custom design thobe is very unique and excellent. Thank you for getting back to me, i appreciate your excellent customer service and integrity in conducting your business. Thank you for your great customer service.

Emranur Rahman
6 October 2016
Amazing Fit

I have received the revised version of my garments. Thank you very much. They fit beautifully and the craftsmanship is superb. Thank You again.

Iqbal Jaffer
14 March 2018
Best Product

I've received my thobe today and I have never been so pleased with something I have ever bought ! I love it so much. The sizing is spot on and fits very well. The buttons are a great match. I will definitely be recommending alqamees to my family and friends. Jazakumullahkhair for making my thobe so quickly and delivering it to me.

Cemal Marsali
9 August 2016
Great Service

Due to your great service, I will order again in the future in sha Allah, I am very happy with my designs.

Muhammad A.
11 November 2017
Fits Perfectly

I ordered a custom qamees for my Father in Law, it fits perfectly. Jazak Allah Khair. You guys are awesome !

Saida B
12 July 2018
Highly Recommended

Best fabric quality, best designs and patterns. Highly Recommended.

Shahid Shaikh
11 August 2018
High Quality Stuff

I have shopped online and in person. Both have great service and the questions are answered by professional and knowledgeable staff. To tp it all off, the provide high quality stuff.

Khaled Hegazy
13 May 2018

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