• Royal Musk $46.99$85.99

    Discover the charming smells of Royal Musk by Arabian Oud. It is a unique fragrance that will make you love the scent of Musk. In 1/4 Tola The Arabian Oud company knew how to produce a magnificent aroma that is combined with old musk to Give you a special fragrant and smell to fly with it amazing scent.

  • Bride Musk $50.99$102.99

    You will appreciate the Bride Musk by Arabian Oud exquisite exhalations in this Tola. It gives you a long lasting smell to offer you that amazing scent to enjoy. The combination of luxury and tradition of an ancient Arab origin Stunning and amazing scent. Strong and aromatic scent for Religious and special occasions.

  • Al Qurashi Blend 800 $57.99$100.99

    A captive blend with a mixture of aoud oil amber musk and warm aoud with the pure fruits fragrance it also includes rare herbs. An extraordinary blend that surpasses imaginations produced by ASQ.

  • Dahn Al Oudh Cambodi $112.99$193.99

    Dahn Al Oudh Madeh, a subtle blend of Indian and Cambodi Oudh brings about a fragrance entrenched in rich heritage, an ode to an era and its vibrancy. Designed with young men and women in mind, the fragrance targets the traditional yet modern individuals who love to wrap themselves in the serenity of Oudh. .

  • Special Musk $109.99$204.99

    You will appreciate the exquisite scents of a special musk from Arabian Oud. It gives you a long fragrance for an amazing aroma that you enjoy. A mixture of luxury and traditions of ancient Arab origin for an amazing and amazing scent. Strong and aromatic scent for religious and religious occasions.

  • Dahn Al Oudh Hindi $161.99$322.99

    Dahn Al Oudhs are the pure oils distilled from the wood of the Agarwood trees. They are so precious, that a gram of the purest Dahn Al Oudh oil may cost more than a gram of Gold.

  • Lucky Oudh $58.99$114.99

    Alluring, fascinating, unfamiliar; this is a fragrance that blends mystery with rarity beyond compare.

  • Sweet Oudh $26.99$44.99

    Sweet Oudh perfume oil is an energetic and spirited and crafted for the young men and women of today. Perfume oils has softer ingredients that smell different and more natural on your skin. It develops very quickly on the skin and moisturize the skin. It possess the boon of longevity, because the actual perfume elements and extracts.

  • Captivating Musk Oil $85.99

    A captivating scent of Musk that captures you with its unique charm. A fragrance mixed with various touches of Oud, Amber, roses and spices. Its scent dominates the throne of fragrances to surround you by a wonderful and astonishing smell. A fragrance adored by your brilliant personality.
    Quantity: 12ML

  • Dehnal Oudh Shuyookhi $120.99

    Al Haramain Dehnal Oudh Shuyookhi 3ml comes with a great scent and the perfection of a well-balanced Oil perfume that will cater to all the needs of the user who wants more than what the ordinary user needs with life.To fully enjoy the benefits of Al Haramain Dehnal Oudh Shuyookhi 3ml buy more than two and enjoy great savings
    Quantity: 3ML

  • Oudh Adam $120.99

    What the Oudh Adam offers is perfection. It is the perfect blend of classical woody elements with a modern twist that makes you stop and wonder. With top notes of saffron, nutmeg and lavender it opens up like a bouquet of natural beauty, as the aroma evolves to bring out the brilliance and majesty of oud, you will know this is a world class perfume. Settling into the finishing essence of the patchouli and musk, this will mark it off as a world class aroma, as a classic.
    Quantity: 75ML

  • Khulasat Al Oud $38.99

    Come to the richest, come to the purest. Khulasat Al Oud is designed for lovers of pure oud. This glorious, rich combination is fashioned with the symphony of flowers. The toughness of wood floats upon the subdued freshness of rosy, citrus and incense notes, bounced with the sharp base notes of labdanum and musk.
    Quantity: 30ML

  • Dehnal Oudh Seufi $226.99

    Al Haramain Dehnal Oudh Seufi 6ml, comes with a great scent and the perfection of a well-balanced oil that will cater to all the needs of the user who wants more than what the ordinary user needs with life
    Quantity: 6ML

  • Attars Mixed $5.99

    These are world – renowned Al Rehab Attars. Famous for their light sweet felt sense. Bought by popular demand.  

    • 100% Original Premium Oil by Al Rehab
    • 6ml Roll on applicator
    • Alcohol Free

Elevate your senses with top Arabian perfume brands’ Oud Perfumes, available in both oil and spray variants at alqamees. Discover the rich and exotic scents that define Arabian luxury.

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