• Arrow $75.00
    Adorn a trendy look by wearing this solid black qamees – Arrow. Designed with a cut-away business collar and a special cut cuffs with unique contrast fabric, this qamees makes for a must-own pick.

    6 in stock

  • Leader $80.00
    A crisp pick for a special occasion. This classic Arab style shemag (scarf) used in the collar, placket and cuffs to give it a premium look and feel. Team it with a classy red or white shemag from our collection and you are set to make a fine impression.

    1 in stock

  • 1880 $75.00
    A qamees with a hint of Mandarin style. This qamees is perfect for people on the go—commute, work, meet, repeat. This qamees looks great through it all. Proven successful by customers and restocked due to popular demand.

    39 in stock

  • 4 in stock

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