• Pearl $95.00
    Look your best at the next event with this classy design. The sophisticated golden and silver embroidery on collar and cuffs take the appeal a notch higher while the premium fabric assures a comfortable wear. It is simply beautiful!

    48 in stock

  • Dart $80.00
    This thobe – jubba showcases bold embroidery on the placket. This qamis is well put together and a good choice for any occasion. Made in Dark Hunter-Green color fabric, this thobe is simply unique.

    3 in stock

  • Flame $75.00
    Lend yourself a striking appeal at the next formal or semi-formal event with this classy qamis. The contrast embroidery along the placket makes this jubba bright. The premium quality fabric of this thobe is soft on skin and assures comfortable wear.

    1 in stock

  • Iman $85.00
    The name and design will keep your mind occupied for some time. We will not give out any hints as to what this classic Arabic calligraphy design holds. For all we can tell you that it’s a very fine piece of art that is simply beautiful and pleasant to look at. You need to see to believe.

    130 in stock

  • Wise $49.99
    This is our classic Plain style thobe featuring an elegant thread work along the placket, the Wise qamis is guaranteed to make you look dapper on any occasion. Style it with a pair of rings and shemag from our accessories and you are surely going to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Maze $75.00
    Our standard white thobe with intricate embroidery along the placket, border embroidery along the collar and cuffs is a perfect choice for any formal occasion. Increase the style quotient by teaming it with a pair of cuff-links, and you are set to amaze the crowd!

    11 in stock

  • Saud $85.00

    Saud is another top pick of alqamees Customers. Re-created due to popular demand. This design features elegant embroidery artwork work along the placket, this thobe is guaranteed to make you look dapper on any occasion.


    1 in stock

  • Defy $75.00
    The Defy thobe is what you need if you want to look fresh and crisp all day long. alqamees thobes are built with top quality components and thoughtful construction, they are custom tailored to fit every body size.

    17 in stock

  • Talisman $85.00
    You cannot be wrong with this as your wardrobe selection. It will come in handy on those special days. A simple, clean cut design that is surely going to last you a while. Don’t worry about the embroidery, it is not a coded-message in Arabic, Its simply Arabic calligraphy.

    181 in stock

  • Crown $85.00
    Make a worthy inclusion to your existing collection with our Crown design. Featuring a unique collar style and intricate placket embroidery, you cannot go wrong if this jubba is your outfit choice for any event or occasion.

    28 in stock

  • SaleLimited
    a3 alqamees black thobe jubba qamis
    A Cube $65.00
    Add more smart pieces to your wardrobe with our A3 thobe. This qamis is well put together and a good choice for any occasion. Wear this qamis to any event and get noticed in this artistically designed custom tailored jubba.

    126 in stock

  • FeaturedSaleLimited
    Armor $75.00
    This black thobe combines beauty and exclusivity within itself. Our jubbas boast of striking contrasts which instantly lift up the look of the qamis.

    142 in stock

  • Unity $85.00
    Add more smart pieces to your wardrobe with our Unity design. The placket provides a precise fit while the yellow contrast of this qamees makes it trendy and stylish. Wear it to any event and get noticed in this artistically designed perfectly tailored qamees.

    31 in stock

  • 22 in stock

  • SaleLimited
    alqamees thobe qamis jubba

    4 in stock

  • Equal $75.00
    This is a Pure White thobe with silver embroidery. This qamis is a safe bet for any occasion. All our jubbas are tailor made to perfection by our professionals who expertise in thobe making. The embroidery is not a coded message, Its simply Arabic calligraphy.

    39 in stock

  • Shams 2.0 $85.00
    This is a simple, clean and minimal thobe. Style your custom tailored  jubba / qamis with our range of shemaghs, kufis, bishts and other accessories. This design combines beauty and exclusivity within itself. This design has the best of both, color choice and design features.
  • Raise $75.00
    This Omani Style Qamees is embodying simplicity and elegance in such a beautiful way, to leave you in awe and wonder. You cannot go wrong with this as it can almost be used for any occasion or daily wear.

    33 in stock

  • SaleLimited
    90° jubba, 90° thobe, 90° qamis
    90 Degrees $75.00
    Infuse elegance in your regular look with our 90° thobe. The exclusive maroon embroidery on the placket makes the jubba exquisite. Get the qamis custom tailored to your size.

    16 in stock

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