EID 1445 – Our Message

Assalamu’ Aalaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters

Let’s get together this EID to collaborate, not just celebrate. 

We all should, and indeed must, do everything within our capacity to support the oppressed people of Gaza, Palestine.  Praying for them, donating, raising our voices, showcasing our support and more. 

alqamees has always been a brand of Muslim identity and we feel, beyond prayers and donations, The most needed action right now is to raise our voices, express outrage, RELENTLESSLY raise awareness, and show solidarity.

So, we came up with this Freedom Design Qamees for this year’s EID Collection and we are giving it not for profit. The objective is simple. To express our support, raise awareness and show solidarity.

Alongside, we are giving out this flag badge with every Qamees so when you go to EID Salah, put this Flag on your chest, nice and high so the people of Palestine are right close to your heart, think of their plight for a moment and express your support for their justice, freedom and peace. 

Wailkum Assalam,


Salamn Ali

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