The Scope of Bespoke

Made to fit a particular person (esp. clothes)

The thobe/jubbah you’re wearing right now doesn’t fit you.

You can protest if you wish, dismiss what you know to be a self-evident truth as the mindless ramblings of some random person with a column. But unless your frame falls into the small percentage of the “average” everyman upon which standard off-the-rack thobe are cut, overwhelming odds say you’re puffed up. Surely you’ve heard, seen or been a part of the re-emergence of bespoke clothing popping up lately. With this luxurious trend making a solid comeback, one may wonder the motivations that come with its return. On inspection, it becomes clear the supporters of this thriving movement may—just—be onto something.


Are you a large -medium, but a small-large? Since we’re talking about clothes and not coffee cups, let’s be a bit more selective. Standard sizes are just that: standard.They do not fit perfectly because that is not what they are made for. Just like a standard greeting in a card, it’s never going to be exactly what you want. That’s why more and more opt for custom-fitting and tailoring, because clothes simply look better when they’re made for you, and are uniquely yours.


Being well-dressed means that every variable is accounted for, and bespoke tailoring puts you in charge. No more loving an outfit but hating its buttons, because when you are the designer, the impeccable outfit awaits. Your favourite type of collar, your perfect placket, on and on from every angle until you’re satisfied. 0% wishing, 100% attaining.

Affordability and Ease

You know why custom-tailoring is portrayed in media as an expensive proposition? Because it so often is. However, the prospect of receiving a luxury at a fraction of the cost is tantalizing, and that is exactly what you get with alqamees. Give yourself a quick measure, design it from your computer and, with a few clicks, your customized outfit is on its way. Did someone say ‘affordable with free-shipping’?

Islamic Bespoke Tailoring

Here’s where we come in. With alqamees being the first and only service to offer online Islamic bespoke tailoring, we guarantee the above and so much more. Quality, economical pricing and endless choice awaits.

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