Silk Musk

  • 3 ml
  • 6 ml
  • 12 ml
  • 12ml Crystal
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Silk Musk is a unique floral oriental fragrance. This attar combines aldehyde notes with floral and musky accords, resulting in a stand-out scent.

When combined with a man’s natural scent, the fragrance takes on a fresh, aromatic muskiness that is impossible to resist.Silk Musk is a versatile scent with moderate projection that can be enjoyed every day, day or night and all year round. Worn on special occasions, it is sure to garner compliments due to its exceptional aroma. Longevity is excellent; the scent creates a comforting aura around the wearer all day long.


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3 ml, 6 ml, 12 ml, 12ml Crystal

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