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Every little bit counts, and when we’re talking about the placket, it’s an important ‘little bit’ and often goes un-customized. And what a shame! An apt placket can make a good outfit great, and can cause an ensemble to own a room. However an out-of-place placket is often donned by an out-of-place individual. Here’s a bit of advice to avoid a faux pas.

Let’s start simple, with the “Simple” placket. Perfect for casual wear and lounging, with comfort and straightforwardness. Let’s move forward and add in the “Zipper” placket. Ease with a casual look for the everyday. Often a casual look can lead a double-life and work both in off-the-cuff settings and business environments. Here, you have the “Standard” and “Narrow” plackets, which work on your ‘everyday qamees’ and are reliable whenever you need get a little more professional, being quite versatile. Want all that with more formalness? The ‘hidden’ plackets (“Standard Hidden” and “Narrow Hidden”) offer a put-together look for an important occasion, but still let you enjoy the versatility of a casual or business environment.

Your placket should always be maintained, with loose threads removed when sighted. Since you interact with them the most, with all the buttoning and unbuttoning, plackets should be skillfully put together by a quality manufacturer. A contrast lining for the placket will aid not only in attractive design, but also with sturdiness.


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