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Let’s take this from the top. When ordering one of alqamees’ bespoke tailored thobes, you’re going to want to make decisions that guarantee looking great. It will be imperative, then, to have your outfit work for you and utilize your features in a way that enhances your look.

So, as if it needed an intro, let’s talk collars. When this is mentioned, two important matters arise. First of all, which collar is appropriate for me? Secondly, what’s the deal with contrast collars? Both are legitimate and both will be addressed, so continue.

When comparing collars, search for one that balances your facial features. Oval faces luck out, with any style looking great, but may we suggest a business collar for perfect balance? Square faces will do well with longer collars, which aid in elongating the face and softening the jawline. Rectangular faces, on the other hand, achieve balance with business collars equipped with points that are slightly apart, which help broaden the face. A full spread collar with points that are spread will be right at home on an oblong face, shortening it and drawing the eyes outward. Heart-shaped faces necessitate similar conditions, with the width of the jawline and chin being a good rule of thumb, and a full spread collar doing all the work to help you look great. For a round face, the look of added length is an asset achieved with long point collars. Look slimmer and balance out the roundness with collar points that are close together.

No matter what shape your face, there is an equation to guarantee balance and style, and it can be realised with ease.

Now onto the contrast collar. Although originally a formal decision, the contrast collar’s re-emergence is one of casual attire. It can be worn in several ways, from completely casual to bordering on the formal. Look sharp with a blazer. Tieless, the collar will make the shirt colour pop, especially if it’s a darker hue. Too formal? Try it with a cardigan, to look well-dressed and comfortable. Or lose the cardigan and just wear it with denim jeans, exuding simplicity with a spice. Replace the jeans with khakis to fit in anywhere.

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