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With immense choice comes great responsibility. When the management of every possibility is literally at your fingertips, vast choices can become confusing. A professional event requires what kind of collar style again? What’s more comfortable for the home, button-less sleeves or a French style? And the all-important question, when can I wear a hood?

With all the variety and freedom of choice alqamees offers, we’re also here to help and eager to please. We understand that, when you can literally pick the thread that holds in your buttons, you might also be looking for suggestions on what combinations look best.

Welcome to the blog, a resource that will be updated periodically to help assure that you select the perfect qamees for any and every occasion. We’ll ensure you get exactly what you know you want, and find a few things you didn’t know you wanted. Check back with us now and then for more tips on selecting the perfect qamees for you!

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