An easy trap to fall into when shopping online

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yet on the Internet, some people take this type of compliment way too far. Getting someone else’s work onto a site is as easy as pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

We’ve been in the custom clothing industry for six years and we’ve seen our fair share of duplicates. Sold at half the price or sometimes less than that. This is obviously possible and more profitable when you use low-quality fabric, low-grade fusing material, poor craftsmanship and sell standard size only.

Within the last few weeks many of our customers may have received emails from an alternate brand feigning to act as a subsidiary of aqamees Inc. and selling identical products. Said company has been using exact images of alqamees photographed thobes and accessories on their own website and offer lower-cost and low-quality products that are not in any way up to alqamees product quality standards.

Customers who have mistakenly placed orders with said clone websites had been gravely disappointed with the quality of their product and have contacted alqamees to report their issues.

We would like to take this opportunity to declare that alqamees Inc. is not in affiliation in any way with any other brand of custom tailored thobes, and does not ever create products for imposter companies to sell.  Designs from our website exclusively belong to alqamees Inc. and alqamees Inc. has never been associated with other thobe companies and work independently.

alqamees is the only custom thobe business in the world with two dedicated production. Over the years we’ve worked hard to perfect our measurement algorithm and improve our overall quality. Other custom tailoring thobe brand achieve custom tailoring by outsourcing production to shops. This generally results in an inexperienced tailor making your thobe with sub-par leftover fabric that hardly matches the original design.

Alqamees on the other hand has immersive multi-channel experience that enables customers to order their custom garments with ease online or in-person at one of our 5 showrooms . We are proudly headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Offices in UK, South Africa, Tanzania and Canada.

The employees at alqamees inc. include a strong team of passionate, committed, creative and talented designers and tailors to produce timeless pieces for each respective client.

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